Kid Craft Parties by Sarah Studios

Create, Learn, HAVE FUN, and Take Home... Let Me Come to Your Party and Bring a Fun and Educational Art Project!

Hair Brushes 

 All-wooden (including bristles) hairbrushes about 5 inches long and 2 inches across.  Because of the wooden bristles they are soft on the scalp and do not create static electricity.  I can offer a range of imagery for the children to work with from books, printouts, my own work etc.  I use acrylic paint on the brushes and will teach the children some of my techniques in terms of grounding in a color, and color theory. As will rags, cups, artist palettes, and brushes. Please have children dress in clothes that may get paint on them.  




I begin with plain headbands in a variety of colors.  Kids learn how to wrap headbands if they choose (I will teach them using the hot glue gun.)   I will bring bows that I have pre-made and let the children choose one.  I teach how to trim the bow tails off and secure the bow to the headband by wrapping it with thin ribbon, then I will glue it with the glue gun. I can add accents such as flowers and tiny bows at the request of a child with the hot glue gun. Children can make up to three headbands each.


Canvas Tote Bag/Purse

100% Natural Canvas Tote Bag/ Purse decorated with EITHER acrylic paint or fabric markers. With acrylic paints, I supply palettes, stencils, color wheel, paint brushes, and cups and rags. If there is not enough time (roughly 2hrs total) Fabric Markers will be used instead of paint because they dry faster. Please be sure children wear clothes that may get paint/marker on them. (Fabric paints are NOT used here because they take over 24hours to dry and we want your child to leave the party with their artwork.)

Boxes/Jewelry Boxes


 Small 3 x 3 boxes that could be used for jewelry or trinkets or treasures.  We paint with acrylic paint and I demonstrate color theory, and how to have fun and learn!  Color wheel, Paints, Brushes, Palettes, cups, are all provided by me.   And to finish off the boxes... young artists and myself choose and cut square pieces of felt and I glue them in with my glue gun.  



 I am a collector of a wide variety of beads. I encourage children to be creative as well as instruct them on how to string a bracelet.  Each child can make as many bracelets as they wish in less than an hour.

A wide variety of beads to mainly make bracelets on Stretch Magic material. 


 Adorable, whimsical, and enchanting little birdhouses are sought out by me and brought out to the party for the children to pick whichever one (or two, depending on size of party) they are delighted by. We paint with acrylic paint and I demonstrate the use of the paintbrushes, and how to have fun and learn!  Color wheel, Paints, Brushes, Palettes, cups, are all provided by me.    

Acrylic on wood 


Each child starts out with a pack of eight blank note cards. Blank notecards are then decorated with scrapbooking supplies, glitter, stickers, pens, markers, and rubber stamps with a multitude of inks.

I try to motivate and inspire the children as they create...have them think of specific people to make the cards for.  It is always a LOT of fun since there are  SO many materials to choose from :)

Scrapbooking supplies including glitter, stickers, ribbon, stencils, and pens.

 AND what a variety of specially hand picked stamps with alotta ink!!

Combining Crafts

Depending on the party size, length of time, and adults present, there is the option of choosing two to three crafts. example: bracelet making and stationary making.

T-Shirt Design  

100% Pre Shrunk Cotton T-Shirts are available in all colors and children of all ages can have a grand time decorating them ... I use fabric markers instead of paint because fabric paint takes too long to dry.  I offer stencils to the children, and boards for the shirts will be provided as are the shirts and the fabric markers.